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Home Tunes-szériánk hetedik szelektora Iamyank, ő mesél – a korábbi részekhez képest kicsit rendhagyó módon – felejthetelen A38-as emlékeiről, meghatározó momentumokról és elúszott pillanatokról. Beavat a backstage titkaiba és bemutatja, mely felvételeket pörgeti YouTube-csatornáinkról. A sorozatban korábban olvashattatok az Esti Kornél, Szabó Benedek vagy akár Apey kedvenceiről.

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Channeling Our Rage Into Songs | Pinpilinpussies – Ahoy! #7

Liveurope performer 2021

Raquel and Ane have the energy of an earthquake on stage. Their first objective is to have a good time and we have no other choice but to join them and enjoy the songs of Pinpilinpussies. The Barcelona-based duo performs on A38 Ship with the support of Liveurope on 13th of November sharing a stage with the Hungarian Giliszta. The nine songs of their first album Fuerza 3 maintain both sincerity and rage: lyrics based on their own experiences and emotions that take reference to different genres ranging from pop to punk, from ballad to mosh pits. It is an imminent, energetic, forceful and gripping album from the very first song to the end. Raquel and Ane are very excited about their first show in Hungary – we’re greeting them with a loud Ahoy! on board.

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Great Art Comes from Great Sacrifice | Lea Porcelain

Liveurope performer from 2019

Poetry stretches over heartbreaking synth lines while tasteful layer of melancholy covers the tracks of producer Julien Bracht and singer Markus Nikolaus aka Lea Porcelain. The Berlin-based duo’s sound is genre-bending they use elements from electronic music, post-punk combined with indie-rock as well as folk elements. They performed in Budapest in 2019 with the support of Liveurope, now their second album Choirs to Heaven is out so we checked in for a quick interview.

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