Postcards from the Balkans | Balkan Taksim – Ahoy! #8

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Our newest edition of Ahoy! presents you Balkan Taksim who already played on A38 Ship in 2020. They do not think in terms of styles, really, but rather in terms of moods. Their energy brings brightness warmth and all the colours into the coldest months of the year.

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Channeling Our Rage Into Songs | Pinpilinpussies – Ahoy! #7

Liveurope performer 2021

Raquel and Ane have the energy of an earthquake on stage. Their first objective is to have a good time and we have no other choice but to join them and enjoy the songs of Pinpilinpussies. The Barcelona-based duo performs on A38 Ship with the support of Liveurope on 13th of November sharing a stage with the Hungarian Giliszta. The nine songs of their first album Fuerza 3 maintain both sincerity and rage: lyrics based on their own experiences and emotions that take reference to different genres ranging from pop to punk, from ballad to mosh pits. It is an imminent, energetic, forceful and gripping album from the very first song to the end. Raquel and Ane are very excited about their first show in Hungary – we’re greeting them with a loud Ahoy! on board.

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Great Art Comes from Great Sacrifice | Lea Porcelain

Liveurope performer from 2019

Poetry stretches over heartbreaking synth lines while tasteful layer of melancholy covers the tracks of producer Julien Bracht and singer Markus Nikolaus aka Lea Porcelain. The Berlin-based duo’s sound is genre-bending they use elements from electronic music, post-punk combined with indie-rock as well as folk elements. They performed in Budapest in 2019 with the support of Liveurope, now their second album Choirs to Heaven is out so we checked in for a quick interview.

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Constantly Evolving | 5K HD


5K HD is celebrated at pop festivals as an atmospheric experience and at jazz festivals as virtuosic innovators – they sound futuristic, fragile, epic, brutal, playful, threatening, cinematic, distorted, light and easy, dope, badass, sensitive. The avantgarde pop band from Vienna played already on A38 Ship in 2019 with the support of Liveurope. We checked in while they were touring, read more to see what they are up to. 

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Turn This Unwanted Extra Time Into Something Positive | Altin Gün

Altin Gün totally charmed A38’s fully packed concert hall in February 2020 it’s not a mistake that they have been named Amsterdam’s finest Turkish psych revivalists by Pitchfork. The band is currently on tour but we managed to catch them for a quick interview session. They shared their experiences about the lockdown, the story of the two new albums and their plans for the next concert in Budapest: 28th of November in Akvárium Klub.

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Freedom Is the Essence of Having Joy in Music | Ina West (PL) – Ahoy!#6

The first English edition of Ahoy! presents you the Polish producer, vocalist, author of music and lyrics: INA WEST. She creates trance, abstract, dance pop with elements of modern Polish folk and jazz, her live performance serves a combination of classical instruments with dance bits and raw vocal harmony. She is one of our artists on this year’s Budapest Showcase Hub on the 21st of October. BUSH brings you not only the hottest current topics and trends of the Eastern bloc but you can easily find and up-and-coming artists who might become your new favourite. Check out our Liveurope performer Ina West, O’Sullivan and Aron Andras & the Black Circle Orchestra this week.

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Truly believing in my number one rule: there are no rules | Ghostpoet

Ghostpoet, who performed on A38 two years ago, released his latest record in May. “The inspiration would have been me reflecting on the world at large” says the South London-born Obaro Ejimiwe about his album I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep. His answers arrived after the deadline of the last so-called lockdown-issue of our magazine, but we are more than happy to publish the interview here.

Photo credit: Bajcsi Dávid

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Friends First, Band Second | Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry play A38 Ship on the 8th of July to present their 2018 album, Family Tree

Formed in 2001, Black Stone Cherry have always intended to find a fine line between radio-friendly rock music and dirty, honest southern rock. 2018’s Family Tree is their sixth album – a brilliant record from a band that has always been proud of their Kentucky roots and whose lineup has never changed. Two years ago their A38 concert got cancelled – guitarist Ben Wells told us why, and he answered several other questions as well.

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The Music Has to Come Before Everything | Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

In the year of their 10th anniversary, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are finally playing their first ever Hungarian concert, with Radio Moscow as co-headliners. Led by the group’s only constant member Kevin Starrs, the psychedelic Cambridge quartet released their fifth longplayer Wasteland last fall to critical acclaim. Ahead of their A38 gig on June 13, we asked Kevin a bunch of questions.

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I Am An Observer | Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox, who started writing songs in dark lobbies of Chicago hotels, plays in Hungary for the first time on 6 February. He presents his new album, Chasescene in A38 Ship’s Exhibition Space – Knox, who also has a past of working on theatre and cinema projects, gave us a deeper look and understanding in how his new album came together, and how he reflects on the world through his art.

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