Truly believing in my number one rule: there are no rules | Ghostpoet

Ghostpoet, who performed on A38 two years ago, released his latest record in May. “The inspiration would have been me reflecting on the world at large” says the South London-born Obaro Ejimiwe about his album I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep. His answers arrived after the deadline of the last so-called lockdown-issue of our magazine, but we are more than happy to publish the interview here.

Photo credit: Bajcsi Dávid

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Friends First, Band Second | Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry play A38 Ship on the 8th of July to present their 2018 album, Family Tree

Formed in 2001, Black Stone Cherry have always intended to find a fine line between radio-friendly rock music and dirty, honest southern rock. 2018’s Family Tree is their sixth album – a brilliant record from a band that has always been proud of their Kentucky roots and whose lineup has never changed. Two years ago their A38 concert got cancelled – guitarist Ben Wells told us why, and he answered several other questions as well.

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The Music Has to Come Before Everything | Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

In the year of their 10th anniversary, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are finally playing their first ever Hungarian concert, with Radio Moscow as co-headliners. Led by the group’s only constant member Kevin Starrs, the psychedelic Cambridge quartet released their fifth longplayer Wasteland last fall to critical acclaim. Ahead of their A38 gig on June 13, we asked Kevin a bunch of questions.

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I Am An Observer | Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox, who started writing songs in dark lobbies of Chicago hotels, plays in Hungary for the first time on 6 February. He presents his new album, Chasescene in A38 Ship’s Exhibition Space – Knox, who also has a past of working on theatre and cinema projects, gave us a deeper look and understanding in how his new album came together, and how he reflects on the world through his art.

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Classic Punk-Rock Energies in 2019 | No Fun At All

It hit us as a happy surprise that No Fun At All are back, stronger than ever. The Swedish punk-rock band (formed in 1991) released their new album Grit last year, featuring authentic tunes instantly bringing us back to the golden days of their style. They perform on A38 Ship on 26 January, with Poison Alley (HU) opening for them. Guitarist Mikael Danielsson gave us a deeper understanding in how things changed in the band and in their lives, and how he feels about the band’s new music.

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Alt-pop’s Next Dominatrix | Tsar B

R’n’b singer-producer Tsar B plays her Hungarian debut show on A38 Ship on 23 November

A38 Ship is more than happy to welcome talented international performers who have proved to be successful in their home countries. With the help of Liveurope, we bring to Budapest performers whom we think should get more international recognition. Belgian alt-pop singer, Justine Bourgeus a.k.a. Tsar B just released her self-produced debut album ‘The Games I Played’, which she will showcase on 23 November on A38 Ship. We asked the singer-producer about her inspirations, her influence on the dancing scene and about her home country.

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András Áron ‘Apey’ | I’m a Big Neil Young Nerd

Apey returns to A38 Ship with his third solo album

András Áron, known as Apey has a very unique approach to songwriting and lyrics; he is more like  a storyteller, a Hungarian Neil Young. When he’s not working for his other bands – Trillion and Apey & The Pea – he writes slow-burning ballads on his acoustic guitar. After last year’s Foxes, he put together the follow-up, Stranger, which he will perform in it’s entirety on October 21 at A38 Ship.

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Ryley Walker | It’s great in Budapest

Following his solo concert last year, Ryley Walker returns to A38 Ship with his band

Ryley Walker is the reincarnation of the true American guitar player. That’s as much a testament to his roving, rambling ways, or the fact that his Guild D-35 guitar has endured a few stints in the pawnshop. Last year, he showed us what he is capable of as a solo artist, and on August 4th, he is back as the frontman of his band to present his new psychedelic Americana record, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung. But before the blast, he also answered our questions.

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Vintage Trouble | Primitive soul

A blend of old school and modern: Vintage Trouble

A stunning synthesis of classic soul and rock and roll, Vintage Trouble from Los Angeles fire oldschool style into modernity with energy and attitude. Just like their name suggests, the sound is vintage and the personalities are rough – as if The Rolling Stones were fronted by Sam Cooke. Before their first ever Hungarian concert, we sat down for a chat with the live-wired, straight-shooting, dirty mouthed pelvis pushing four-man blues band.

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Suicide Silence | Fans Want You to Be Yourself

An unstoppable music group: Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence are unstoppable: their throat-ripping and bone-smashing take on deathcore is unmatchable, and even after the tragic loss of their iconic frontman, Mitch Lucker, they stood up and continued – with All Shall Perish’s Eddie Hermida behind the microphone. Their second offering with him is a self-titled album, which moves away from their usual sound, touching on genres like nu-metal, clean singing and radio rock. A bold move? Surely. But as we’ve already said, the band is unstoppable and they do as they please. Here’s what Eddie commented on all these.

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