Liveurope, the live music platform for new European talent, proudly announces a significant milestone of over 4,200 supported concerts in the face of unprecedented challenges in the live music sector.

In 2023 alone, Liveurope supported a remarkable total of 670 concerts featuring emerging European non-national artists representing 33 nationalities. This milestone contributes to a grand total of 4,200 supported concerts across 21 iconic music venues since the platform’s creation, exemplifying Liveurope’s commitment to nurturing European music diversity.

Over the course of 9 years, Liveurope has secured EU grants totalling €4.9 million, which have played a pivotal role in amplifying the exposure and mobility of up-and-coming European artists across major concert halls in Europe.

Liveurope was created to allow music venues to work together and promote European repertoire to counter the domination of local and Anglo-Saxon repertoire. The platform is today a great example of how EU public funding can be used in an efficient way with concrete impact. The over 4,000 concerts we supported in the past 9 years are a testament to that.” – Elise Phamgia, Liveurope’s coordinator

Among the success stories are artists such as Christine and the Queens (FR), Hania Rani (PL), MØ (DK), James Vincent Mcmorrow (IE), Aurora (NO), and many others whose careers have flourished with Liveurope’s support.

46% more emerging European artists on tour thanks to Liveurope support  

Liveurope’s impact is further highlighted by a 46% increase in the number of emerging European non-national artists performing on member venues’ stages. In 2023, Liveurope members organised an average of 32 concerts featuring these promising acts, compared to the pre-Liveurope average of 22 concerts.

Promoting new European talent is more challenging than ever

Despite these positive results, the number of Liveurope concerts organised by the member venues has still not returned to pre-Covid levels. This is in line with the findings of the 2021 EY study that predicted the knock-on effects of the pandemic would be felt until 2025. The ongoing inflation crisis in Europe has caused a surge in production costs, adding further pressure on venues that were just beginning to recover from nearly two years of closure.

Even prior to the recent crises, promoting new European talent was a significant challenge. Liveurope was established precisely to empower music venues to embrace risks and bolster the careers of new music acts. With 9 years of experience, Liveurope has proven its efficiency in channelling EU funding to increase the visibility and reach of emerging artists.

As the European music sector navigates through a period of recovery, Liveurope’s proven impact holds immense potential to not only amplify but also actively contribute to the resurgence and flourishing of the entire sector.

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