It hit us as a happy surprise that No Fun At All are back, stronger than ever. The Swedish punk-rock band (formed in 1991) released their new album Grit last year, featuring authentic tunes instantly bringing us back to the golden days of their style. They perform on A38 Ship on 26 January, with Poison Alley (HU) opening for them. Guitarist Mikael Danielsson gave us a deeper understanding in how things changed in the band and in their lives, and how he feels about the band’s new music.

According to Spotify-dates, you were on a 10+ year hiatus after Master Celebrations, then you released two albums in 2017 and 2018. What had you going again?
Our latest studio album “State of flow” was released in 2000 and Master Celebrations is actually a compilation album together with 2 new songs and a re-recording of the Gang Green-cover “Alcohol”. Back in 2008 we released “Low Rider” and after that it´s been 10 years of silence with new music up until “Grit”. In 2016 two members left the band and then me, Ingemar och Kjell decided to go all in again and recruit new members and record a new album.  

What have you guys been up to while the band was inactive?
We have actually been doing shows every now and then since 2004. It´s been mostly on weekends but also some longer runs to Australia and South America.

Tell us about GRIT, what inspired the songs and how did the album come together?
The idea of a No Fun At All album started to grow like 5 years ago with some new songs coming along nice and sweet. I started to record demos on my home studio and got the feeling back to do it all over again. And with the new members in the band, Fredrik Eriksson on lead guitar and Stefan Bratt on bass, we got the energy and musicianship that we needed to record a great album. It was done in Soundlab studios together with Mathias Färm (Millencolin), and I´m really happy with how it turned out.

For those who haven’t heard the new album but are into the band, name three songs to check out & explain why are those your favorites!
– Probably my favourite song on the album and such a kick ass opener. Killer riffs and great harmonies. I think we´re doing it even better live now, more intense and rawer.

Runner´s High – A song about one of the best thing in life, as you probably can guess…running. Started to do it like 8 years ago and I have done 14 marathon since. Would love to do the Budapest Marathon in the future! A slow song with great melodies.

A Wonderful Affair – Full on melodic skatepunk in mid 90´s style and old-school riffing.

Is touring any different for you then how it was in the 90’s?
Nowadays I´m more into doing stuff and discover the places we go to. Back in the days the party was the main thing. I guees I appreciate the whole thing much more now.

How do you see the current punk-rock scene worldwide? Do you have any favorite acts?
I think it´s quite healthy and doing pretty good with people coming to the shows and having fun. The best active punk band for me, is Propagandhi. Clowns from Australia is killing it to.

What messages can punk-rock bring about in 2019?
Take care of each other and be a nice person.

You haven’t played in Hungary ever before. What are your expectations for the Budapest show?
Really looking forward to it visiting your beautiful city again! I´ve been in Budapest once, like 10 years for a holiday, doing the tourist stuff. And I saw Hungary beating Albania in football at the Puskas stadium. It´s gonna be blast playing A38! See ya in the pit!