Ki nem rakott Rubik-kocka | Magidom

Második nagylemezét mutatja be az A38 Hajón a Magidom csütörtökön

Elődje után öt évvel megérkezett a budapesti Magidom második lemeze, a Plakátmagány. A kétszeres Szikra-díjas zenekar holnap este mutatja be ennek anyagát a hajón a Fák Alatt Zenekar társaságában. Az új lemez születéséről, miértjeiről, és az előző album óta eltelt időszakról kérdeztük a frontembert, Benyhe Róbertet.

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I Am An Observer | Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox, who started writing songs in dark lobbies of Chicago hotels, plays in Hungary for the first time on 6 February. He presents his new album, Chasescene in A38 Ship’s Exhibition Space – Knox, who also has a past of working on theatre and cinema projects, gave us a deeper look and understanding in how his new album came together, and how he reflects on the world through his art.

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Classic Punk-Rock Energies in 2019 | No Fun At All

It hit us as a happy surprise that No Fun At All are back, stronger than ever. The Swedish punk-rock band (formed in 1991) released their new album Grit last year, featuring authentic tunes instantly bringing us back to the golden days of their style. They perform on A38 Ship on 26 January, with Poison Alley (HU) opening for them. Guitarist Mikael Danielsson gave us a deeper understanding in how things changed in the band and in their lives, and how he feels about the band’s new music.

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Alt-pop’s Next Dominatrix | Tsar B

R’n’b singer-producer Tsar B plays her Hungarian debut show on A38 Ship on 23 November

A38 Ship is more than happy to welcome talented international performers who have proved to be successful in their home countries. With the help of Liveurope, we bring to Budapest performers whom we think should get more international recognition. Belgian alt-pop singer, Justine Bourgeus a.k.a. Tsar B just released her self-produced debut album ‘The Games I Played’, which she will showcase on 23 November on A38 Ship. We asked the singer-producer about her inspirations, her influence on the dancing scene and about her home country.

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“Öröm nálatok játszani” | Plini újra az A38 Hajón

Harmadjára lép a fedélzetre az ausztrál progmetál-gitárzseni, ezúttal headlinerként

Egyre izgalmasabb előadókat termel ki magából az ausztráliai progmetál szcéna, erre jó példa az augusztus 14-én a Hajón koncertező, instrumentális hálószobametált készítő Plini. A még csak 26 éves zenésszel új kislemezéről, a turnézásról és az eredeti szakmájáról is beszélgettünk.

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Haken | Love for the 80s

“I always think you’re only as good as your last record, so each time we thrive to have made something more powerful and polished.”

Haken have proven over three previous albums and two EPs that musically, they can do pretty much anything they set their minds to. With their latest release Affinity, and the addition of new bassist Conner Green, they have gone back to the synth-heavy progressive rock of the 80s and presented something that fans of Yes, Toto, Rush or Mike Oldfield will surely keep on repeat. Before their first ever Hungarian concert on April 5, we asked them a few questions.

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Xixa | Straight Outta Tucson

Tucson’s mystical psychedelic-cumbia-rock band led by Giant Sand members Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan wanders far and wide, into the psychedelia of Amazon backwaters, the bumping grind of chicha, quirky electronics and West African desert blues (Imarhan’s and Tamashek rock legend Tinariwen’s Sadam Iyad Imarhan collaborated with Xixa to write “World Goes Away”.) You can experience it for the first time in Hungary on March 26, when they’ll perform at Dürer Kert, together with Psycho Mutants.

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Cleo T | Absolution is always present

“Cleo T sings the way Marlene Dietrich would have sung if she had had to live with Hitler in the Bavarian moors.”

Just like in recent years, the closing event of the Frankofón Festival will be held on the A38 Ship. After Acid Arab, Elodie Frege and Perturbator (who is going to return in April), one of the most many-sided female singers from Paris, Cleo T is taking the stage of the Ship for a concert that is part of this event series. Ethereal folk, cabaret noir, French chanson and Balkan beats: this list is seemingly disjointed, but you needn’t worry – Cleo will interlace and explain everything.

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Alex Clare | Looking for what’s good

“Tail Of Lions is about mindfulness generally. It’s about figuring out how I can have self-control and stronger will power.”

London-born singer, songwriter and producer Alex Clare is one of those lucky people who will never be short of something startling to tell when the lights dim and true conversation really begins. He grew up listening to his father’s jazz records, was drawn to blues and soul (Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder), and eventually drum‘n’bass and UK garage. Although Clare took up the trumpet and drums as a youngster, he eventually placed an emphasis on guitar and songwriting, playing open-mike nights with original material. Since then every album is surrounded with soul-searching songwriting, his deep, rich voice and the most cutting-edge electronic sounds.

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Mélanie Pain | Experimental and theatrical

Her new album Parachute, will debut on A38 Ship in February

Mélanie Pain is best known as the lead singer of the French band Nouvelle Vague, who seduce millions around the world with their breathy renditions of 80s pop songs. But the multiinstrumentalist singer-songwriter also has her own solo career, which functions as an outlet for some of the most charming pop hooks and confessional chansons you’ll ever hear. So it’s not a surprise that when she’s performing in Budapest, it’s always at a concert hall that is crowded with fans and music lovers – February 4 won’t be an exception.

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