Alex Clare | Looking for what’s good

“Tail Of Lions is about mindfulness generally. It’s about figuring out how I can have self-control and stronger will power.”

London-born singer, songwriter and producer Alex Clare is one of those lucky people who will never be short of something startling to tell when the lights dim and true conversation really begins. He grew up listening to his father’s jazz records, was drawn to blues and soul (Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder), and eventually drum‘n’bass and UK garage. Although Clare took up the trumpet and drums as a youngster, he eventually placed an emphasis on guitar and songwriting, playing open-mike nights with original material. Since then every album is surrounded with soul-searching songwriting, his deep, rich voice and the most cutting-edge electronic sounds.

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Window | Mindig egy kicsit mást és újat nyújtani

Egy soul-, blues-vonalon mozgó, de kortárs hangzású zenekar: Window

Február huszonharmadikán Alex Clare előtt nyit a friss, négytagú hazai neo-soul-zenekar, a Window, melynek tagjait több korábbi formációból ismerhetjük már, de most új konstellációban, egészen új irányba indultak el. Kocsis Bence énekes-gitárossal beszélgettünk.

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