“We Honestly Had Every Opportunity to Quit What We Are Doing” – The Boxer Rebellion Interview and lottery

The London-based indie-rock quartet, that is sometimes labelled as the post-millenium Radiohead is coming to Budapest for the first time in their decade-long career. Even though they started off as a DFA-inspired dance-rock band, The Boxer Rebellion quickly moved towards brooding and atmospheric rock anthems, walking in the footsteps of bands like Keane, Oasis, Editors, the aformentioned Radiohead or The Verve. Searing romanticism, cinematic atmoshphere, sweeping and emotionally engaging rock ‘n’ roll songs – their concert will surely give you goosebumps. Before their gig, we interviewed singer/guitarist Nathan Nicholson () about what is it like to record in their very own studio, the pros and cons of being an independent band and he also told us his thoughts about the current state of the music industry.


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“I Am Glad I Have Fans That Stick So Beautifully” – Emilíana Torrini interview

The Islandic mistress with enchanting voice Emilíana Torrini performs this year only a few times on the continent, so her show on the 19th of November at A38 Ship Budapest will be a truly special one. Performer of the Jungle Drum and Gollam’s Song, author and producer of Kylie Minogue’s Slow, emblematic singer of the Thievery Corporation have answered our questions about how turning into a mother shaped her latest album, which are her favourite Icelandic records and what is his relation to Nick Cave.


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“Don’t Overthink It!” – The Picturebooks interview

Choppers, pussies, endless highways and raw, visceral rock ‘n’ roll – The Picturebooks are the Americana feeling themself. Four years ago, they Artificial Tears album was welcomed equally enthusiastic by the critics, the audience of Sziget Festival (the band played at A38 Stage) and the fans of dirty, blues-based rock ‘n’ roll. Now, the new album, entitled Imaginary Horse, is here, so is an other concert in Hungary: the band will play on the fifth of November before Kadavar at A38 Ship, (one can buy combined ticket for the gig, which is valid for the concert of Airbourne as well, one week later). We talked to the members of The Picturebooks about the benefits of DIY-mentality, their home studio, and the musicians also unfolded which is the best musical style for skateboarding.


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