Little Boots

Electropop elegance with loosy privacy: Little Boots

One of the most impersonal British performers, Little Boots melting together electropop elegance with loosy privacy is coming to Hungary for the third time. First she performed as a DJ, then had a huge festival performance at Sziget Festival and on 23 April she will present her forthcoming third album at A38 Ship within the frames of a perfect club concert as part of the Budapest Spring Festival.

You released the EP Business Pleasure in December. For you, what are the main pleasures of the music business?

Songwriting is my first love, but I love being in control of the whole project from the beginning of a song through to the artwork, videos, live show, release of a record… By taking care over every element I think you can create a much more special product and build a much more interesting brand as an artist.

Whose idea was the weird video to Taste It?

A lot of the ideas came from images and gifs I’d collected online around the theme of addictions, I took these to the director (Ish Sahotay, a talented young fashion photographer) and he expanded and developed on them so really in the end it was a collaborative effort, but he really took all the initial ideas to a whole new level visually.

Will your upcoming third album including songs from the EP?

At the moment three of the EP tracks are on the album although this could change…

When is the new album coming and what can we expect?

The album is due out later this year, it develops and expands on the themes I started in the EP, some tracks are inspired by the current effect the UK house and dance scene is having on the charts, there are also some more mainstream pop sounding moments and some weirder fun tunes but all tied together by ideas of work, success, strength, independence, ambition… but in a very knowing and fairly tongue in cheek way.

You said Nocturnes was influenced less by 80’s synth pop than your debut. What inspirations will the third album have?

As I said in the previous question some of the tracks are quite house inspired, I’m always influenced by what I DJ and what I hear other DJs play. There are some moments you could say are 90s inspired, one track definitely has an Ace of Bass/Soul To Soul feel! But overall I think it feels more current and less pastiche than the last two albums. I’ve been trying to work with lots of new upcoming and interesting more left field producers to create a unique pop sound.

You also said you tried to make the lyrics of Nocturnes less personal but you couldn’t. What about this time? Are your lyrics still very personal?

The lyrics of this record have a definite theme which has really dictated a lot of the content, its been fun to have some boundaries it makes you more creative. They are very inspired by the journey I have been on as Little Boots, from being signed to a major label with a lot of hype to becoming and independent artist and running my own label and business, all of the challenges and liberations and highs and lows that come with that.

Can you already tell us who’s producing new album, and will it include any guest stars?

A lot of new people you may not know, some people you might are Grades, Com Truise, Jas Shaw, Ariel Reichstand…

The first time you visited Hungary, you played a DJ set. Then you performed at a big festival. Now you’re coming to play a club gig. Which kind of performance from these three is your favorite and why?

I enjoy all of the different ways to play my music and perform to fans, its nice to have the flexibility and different experiences and not have to be tied to one kind of show. I write and perform and DJ so it makes sense for me to do all of these. I have to say the performance at Sziget Festival was one of my favourite it was really special.

What songs have you enjoyed dancing to recently?

Currently I love the new track from Róisín Murphy called Jealousy on Cross Town Rebels label, I think its going to be great to DJ.

Are you still involved in the War On Want campaign?

Someone has been reading Wikipedia! I am not actively involved but I believe in sustainable fashion and try to support it when I can.