Zola Jesus | I Don’t Make Music to Make Number One Hits

Interview with the singer before her Budapest gig
Zola Jesus
Rediscovery of purity in singing: Zola Jesus

Nika Roza Danilova aka Zola Jesus performed on the A38 Ship three years ago and on March 18 she is back to present her newest album, Taiga. With Taiga, she re-discovered her roots (a cappella singing, for example) and took a step towards a poppier, yet still mesmerising sound. As she said to us, even if you were there at her gig three years ago, you can’t predict what her new live show will look and sound like. (Read here the Hungarian version)

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The Raveonettes | Raw and rolling just like the crazy waves

An Interview with Sune Rose Wagner
The Raveonettes
The Raveonettes: Back to Budapest

The duo of Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner aka The Raveonettes already played at the A38 Ship two years ago – and all the people who were there swear that show was one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll ride. Since then, the band has released their newest album, Pe’ahi last year – and their newest tour reaches the A38 Ship again, on January 24. Cose two-part vocal harmonies inspired by The Everly Brothers coupled with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with liberal doses of noise, very similar to The Jesus and Mary Chain, 50s rock and roll, a bit of The Cure, a bit of Velvet Underground. Before the concert, we’ve sat down for a chat with one half of the duo, Sune Rose Wagner (right side of the picture).

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Lydia Lunch | My Ultimate Rebellion Against the Harbingers of Death and Destruction Remains

An Interview with the No Wave Diva


Lydia Lunch, one of the leading figures of the New York No Wave scene is back in Budapest with her Big Sexy Noise. Last year Lydia Lunch performed on the A38 Ship with her reminiscent project Retrovirus, now she is backed by the Gallon Drunk’s frontman James Johnston and the drummer Ian White. We interviewed Lydia about living, art, actual political issues and future plans.

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Mélanie Pain | It’s Me, My Songs and the Audience

Interview with the fabulous Nouvelle Vague singer

The fabulous singer of Nouvelle Vague, Mélanie Pain on returns to the A38 Ship on the thirteenth of December to stun her audience – again. But she will also perform with one of the biggest Hungarian rock ‘n’ roll stars, Kiss Tibi, Quimby’s singer and Budapest Bár, a band specialised in modernising the Hungarian chansons of the 30s and 40s. Before this special meeting of cultures and generations, we asked Mélanie about his The Smiths-addiction, peforming in Budapest and about the differences of being in Nouvelle Vague and being a solo artist.


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“What you are about and where you come from musically” – Ulterior Motive-Interview

One of the most important labels in the drum ‘n’ bass scene, Metalheadz celebrates it’s twentieth anniversary this year. The three founders – Goldie, Kemistry and Storm – wasn’t present at the Hungarian birthday party of the label, but thanks to the Bladerunnaz crew, we had Dom & Roland, who was responsible for some of the most memorable d ‘n’ b tunes of the last years, SP:MC, and the duo of Ulterior Motive who stepped into the game with one of the best debut albums, The Fourth Wall. We’ve asked them about the begining, the importance of funk and their favourite Metalheadz-releases.



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‘We aren’t posers. We love what we do’ – Suicide Silence Interview and lottery

The first of December is going to be a great day of Hungarian deathcore fans Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy is going to bomb the ship with their throat-rippingly brutal performances. What makes the night even more special is that Suicide Silence will play in Hungary for the first time with their new singer – following the death of their charismatic singer, Mitch Lucker, Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida from All Shall Perish joined the band. You Can’t Stop Me (the band’s latest record to date, released earlier this year) was recorded with him; we asked lead guitarist Mark Heylmun (first on the left) about what it was like to work with him and Corpsegrinder, signing to Nuclear Blast and his favourite extreme metal albums.


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“All we want to do is play rock ‘n’ roll and show people a good time” – Airbourne Interview

Wailed vocals, burning-rubber guitar solos, no ballads, turn-it-up rock ‘n’ roll – just like their forefathers in AC/DC, the members of Airbourne just want to have a good time and play the music they love. In their case, it’s the aformentioned oldschool classic-rock, the louder the better. The Australian quartet nearly played at A38 Ship last year, but because of the floods, the rock ‘n’ roll seance was held at Club 202. But this time, even a tsunami couldn’t prevent the band from setting the ship on fire with their thrilling arena-rock – every rock ‘n’ rolla should mark the thirteenth of November in their calendar, because that night will be a real joyride! But before the real fun begins, we had a quick chat with guitarist Davide Roads about his favourite records, the ups and downs of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and video games.


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“Budapest is such an amazing city!” – Triggerfinger Interview

Songs, sexiness, seventies, glam, blues, shaking hips, handclaps, gritty noise and grooves that aim directly at the midriff: the trio of vocalist/guitarist Ruben Block, bassist Monsieur Paul and drummer Mario Goossens aka Triggerfinger has it all. The band already performed at A38 four years ago, and after rockin’ out at this year’s Sziget festival, they are back for the second round – so you should mark the fifteenth of November in your calendar as the day when raw vintage rock ‘n’ roll and dirty and kicking stoner is taking over A38 Ship. But before that happens, we interviewed Paul Van Bruystegem (second from the left/right) about the current Belgian rock scene, how does it feel to record at Sound City Studios and why are they so sharp dressed all the time.


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“It’s all about energy!” – Yelle Interview

Girly electro-pop on board! French act Yelle is responsible for some of the finest french touch hits – their gleefully mad electronic pop earworms will surely get you on the dancefloor. And now, they are touring with their third album, Complètement Fou – and on the twentieth of November, they’ll perform at Budapest for the first time. What can we expect? A concert that is both sensual and strange, wild and wry, forceful and full of fun – there is no other band like this French trio when it comes to stage performance. But before she would get on that stage, we asked the trio’s singer, Julie Budet about her relation to her native language, the story of Yelle’s own micro-label and the future of Yelle.

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“We Honestly Had Every Opportunity to Quit What We Are Doing” – The Boxer Rebellion Interview and lottery

The London-based indie-rock quartet, that is sometimes labelled as the post-millenium Radiohead is coming to Budapest for the first time in their decade-long career. Even though they started off as a DFA-inspired dance-rock band, The Boxer Rebellion quickly moved towards brooding and atmospheric rock anthems, walking in the footsteps of bands like Keane, Oasis, Editors, the aformentioned Radiohead or The Verve. Searing romanticism, cinematic atmoshphere, sweeping and emotionally engaging rock ‘n’ roll songs – their concert will surely give you goosebumps. Before their gig, we interviewed singer/guitarist Nathan Nicholson () about what is it like to record in their very own studio, the pros and cons of being an independent band and he also told us his thoughts about the current state of the music industry.


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